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Northern NJ Interiors is an Acoustical Ceiling Contractor in New Jersey. We have completed projects from Morristown 07960 to Moorestown 08057. We can provide open shop or prevailing wage labor to install:


  • Armstrong Prelude XL 15/16" Grid

  • Armstrong MetalWorks Vector

  • Armstrong Soundscapes

  • Armstrong Woodworks Linear

  • Armstrong MetalWorks Open Cell

  • Armstrong Silhouette Suspension System

  • Armstrong Interlude 9/16" Grid

  • Armstrong Silhoutte XL 9/16" Bolt Slot

  • Armstrong Sonata 9/16" Dimensional

  • Armstrong XL 9/16" Exposed Tee

  • Armstrong Fire Gaurd Exposed Tee

  • Armstrong Exterior Ceilings

  • Armstrong Clean Room Ceilings

  • Armstrong Aluminum 15/16" Grid

  • Armstrong MetalWorks Linear Grid

  • Armstrong Knife Edge Cloud Ceiling

  • Armstrong Axiom Perimeter Trim

Ceiling Tile Install or Replacement of lay-in, reveal edge and vector:

Armstrong Optima, Ultima, Armatuff, Calla, Canyon, Cermagaurd, Cirrus, Cleanroom, Cortega, Dune, Fine Fissured, Clouds, Georgian, Kitchen Zone, Mesa, MetalWorks, School Zone Fine Fissured, Serpentina, SoundScapes, TechZone and WoodWorks

NJ Armstrong Acoustical Ceiling Mechanics

NJ Armstrong Ceiling Installers
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